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At every process, Sevate adheres to the ISMS/ISO 27001 - Information Security Compliance framework
(PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT processes), along with following the standard ITIL guidelines for Data management. For a customer, we can enable 3'rd party data security audits, at regular intervals
STANDARDS COMPLIANCE:Sevate accommodates global technology standards including ISO, IEEE & Six-Sigma, along with infrastructure standards like HL-7/HIPAA, SOX, as required by the customer. At our costs, our customer processes will be strictly audited and guided by world renowned external agencies, to ensure standards compliance and maintenance.
ONE-CULTURE: Our consultants have worked and lived in the US, Europe & other parts of the globe. Sevate's team has a great understanding for the cultural aspects of communications. We will clearly understand your "Yes" and "No's".
GUIDED TEAMS: Having been in positions where the importance of a software delivery makes the difference, our consultants and associates fully understand every aspect of the software delivery processes.
WE DONT LEARN ON YOUR TIME: Our consultants are seasoned professionals having the best technical skills. Our team building processes are transparent and usually involves our customer in assessing each team member
CERTIFIED SKILLS: We hire and retain only certified consultants unless; a potential associate can justify experience in lieu of an internationally accepted certification. We have business relationships with leading recruiters across India, apart from having a huge database of potential consultants.
SERVICE...NOT A 'ONCE-OVER': At Sevate, we believe that service is not just billing the customer. Our definition of service involves working with our customers to achieve their business objective or end-result. Although it may be out of our scope, we usually analyze and extend the customers’ business case to incorporate long term costbenefit's.
SHARED OR MANAGED: Apart from the standard Shared and Managed service models, Sevate offers a unique high-performance shared + managed services model to achieve higher performance. The objective of this model is to optimize the delivery of cost-effective, flexible and reliable services to our customers
COSTS: Don't choose us for just cost savings. We are offering to contribute our services, to calibrate your IT spend & its efficiency, we will help in optimizing IT investments and will support your business goals
ADVANTAGE OFFSHORE: Our services are available round the clock, we will continue your work after your hours - at the same time we will be available to report in your time zones

What Customers are saying


ERP Analysis Project:
"Delivered excellent analysis in an excellent report. Extremely easy to work with and thank you"

Neil R - UK

Invoice validation-Odoo Project:
"Very professional and expert ."

Almotasim A.- Muscat, Oman

Service Capabilities

Consulting Enterprise Applications Cloud Computing Digital Commerce Applications Custom Applications Mobile Applications Software Quality Assurance
Cloud Transformation Consulting
Digital Commerce Consulting
Microsoft 365 Oracle Apps Salesforce Odoo IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/XaaS: AWS, GCP, AZURE, ORACLE, IBM, BITNAMI CDP
Programming Languages: Java,Python,C#/ASP/VB.NET,
Methodology: Agile, DevOps
Frameworks: Microsoft .NET, Spring/Hibernate/Struts/GWT
Frameworks: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic
Languages: HTML, Java, C++, Swift